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Macerich is sharply focused on sustainability as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Our goal is simple: Create a healthy environment for our employees, tenants, guests and communities and sustain this environment for future generations.

Today we are committed to doing even more — to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, and waste generation. For more information click here.

What We’re Doing at Washington Square

  • The center has partnered with Washington County Health & Human Services, to compost food waste into renewable energy to power homes and businesses, and compost for local gardens and farms.
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping are replacing some vehicles with fuel-efficient models.
  • We use green cleaning products at our center wherever and whenever possible.
  • The center has implemented new lighting protocols that allow us to minimize our energy use and lower our carbon footprint without any impact on the shopping experience.
  • Our center has a recently upgraded HVAC system that minimizes our energy usage and lowers our carbon footprint.
  • We are fortunate to be located in Portland, Oregon, recently named the greenest city in America. Metro, the local tri-county governing agency, provides many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We work closely with our Metro Recycle at Work representative to be sure we are kept informed of new avenues for recycling.
  • We provide recycling of cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, office paper, cans, scrap metal, plastic film and plastic wrap.
  • We recycle fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps used in the common area and obtain certification of the recycling. We have put our retailers in touch with the recycler for their own lamps. We have placed recycling stations throughout the mall common area for paper, glass, plastic and cans. This has been warmly received by our guests.
  • See what  OUR STORES  are doing!

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