NEW Cottage Getaway Collection

Valid from July 8, 2024 to October 27, 2024   |  YANKEE CANDLE, Level 1

Escape into nature with our NEW Cottage Getaway Collection. Hit the lake or cozy up by the fire for guaranteed fall memories!  

Available in store now!  


Woodland Weekend Memories  

Savor each moment of your autumn woodland adventure with notes of soft amber, fall fruits, and creamy coconut milk.  

Log Cabin Flannel  

It’s a bit chilly in your cabin- grab your favorite cozy flannel and warm up with the scents of black pepper, cinnamon, and sandalwood.  

Paddling on the Lake 

Inspired by notes of lake mist, fresh mint, and cedarwood – grab some friends and a wooden canoe to enjoy the fall foliage from the water.  

Campfire Cocktail  

End the perfect fall day sitting around the fire with a fruity cocktail in hand, enjoying the swirling scents of cinnamon rum, golden apple, and plum.  

Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl  

The scents of vanilla, brown sugar, toasted nuts, and fall spices blend to create a sweet autumn delight.  

Afternoon Scrapbooking  

Spend the afternoon scrapbooking by the fire in your cottage surrounded by notes of soft leather, apple, and glowing amber.  

*Only available in store and online at! *  

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