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Currency Exchange International

Online Currency Reservation

Valid from March 14, 2018 to April 30, 2018
CXI Introduces Online Currency Reservation to All Locations
Easy and convenient new way for local travelers to reserve over 90 foreign currencies online before they travel internationally, for free. 

Why is CXI online currency reservation such a BIG deal for international travelers?
• A typical bank makes customers go in to a branch multiple times – once to order and once to pickup
• Conveniently reserve foreign currency they need when and where they want it
• Easy and quick access to reserve their currencies either on their computer or on their phone
• Enjoy our best rate guarantee to feel confident they're getting the best value
• All of this plus more stress-free before they travel internationally for free

How does CXI online currency reservation work? In four easy steps our customers:
1. Select the desired foreign currency and amounts 
2. Submit their information 
3. Our team contacts them within one business day (weekdays excluding holidays) to confirm when the reserved currency order will be available
4. Only pay when they pick up the order

The CXI office is located inside the Summit Entrance, near the elevator to the Food Court. For more information or to reserve online visit