proactiv SOLUTION

Unique Custom Kits!

Valid from November 7, 2016 to December 31, 2016
Step 1. Choose Your Kit:
Choose between a 90 day Original Proactiv Kit or a 90 day Proavtiv Plus Kit

Step 2. Choose Your Moisturizer:
3oz Oil-free Moisturizer or 2oz Green Tea Moisturizer

Step 3: Choose Your Personal Item:
  • Two packages of Makeup Cleansing Wipes or
  • One package of Clear Zone Body Pads or
  • One 3oz Skin Purifying Mask or
  • One Blackhead Dissolving Gel or
  • One Ultra Poreless Skin Smoother or
  • One 9oz Deep Cleansing Wash

Save $40 by upgrading to the Unique Custom Kit!
Discounts are automatically applied to items two and three (regular pricing applies if not part of the Unique Custom Kit).